Thursday, January 19, 2006

Camembert with Language

In rugby, a 'try' is a goal. You can argue about a 'touchdown' hyping football into the age of space travel - a game for the future - but you either get a 'goal' or not. 'Try' seems to imply you didn't necessarily accomplish anything.

Cricket makes about as much sense as rugby. Many numbers and names that are foreign and English. Why do they hate freedom so much?

And 'about' what are you going 'round'?

Trips with work may be slowing down. The peak season is past, and where is this summer, really? Only at 45 degrees South latitude. C-town is at ~42N, I think. And January would seem something like July. But maybe if we look at the winds and the ocean currents... Yeah, that makes a little more sense. Time off now and again is good for the soul anyway.

Pictures next time...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Rain. And on the full moon. Makes me tired for days to come staying awake awaiting nothing but rain instead of the full moon in the canyon. Noone would go with me either, so it was a solo drive up the lake with plenty of rain looking like Star Wars and reminiscent of Yoda in the last sentence. Who needs 'em anyway. I had devised my own clever schemes for pictures with plenty of glow sticks and the like. So I'll go get more pictures from the canyons for your enjoyment...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Up and Coming

So next we'll have ourselves some full moon canyon pictures, all going well tomorrow night. At least pictures of glowsticks on helmets. The water levels have been changing dramatically and it should be perfect for tomorrow. The question still remains as to who will be joining me.

Off to complete a beautiful day that begs to ask why I'm sitting in an internet cafe. I can't answer these questions.

Monday, January 09, 2006


So, assumptions were made. As were mistakes.

January 7th would have been the correct date to state in the previous post. January 7th. One would think that a dutiful son would remember at least the end since the beginning was sometime (when was that?) in August. I can remember phone numbers from childhood friends which I haven't spoken with in at least the same amount of time, but can't remember the date of possibly one of the most interesting turning points -One that allowed me to make some of the most important connections with other people, one that possibly changed the direction of the current - in my life. I'll forgive myself, so onward to other mistakes:

Contrary to foresight, the foreigners were back playing Eminem louder than ever last night. They were not deported. They were not held overnight to be sodomized. Maybe they collected $200. Maybe they think playing the noise louder would be punishment for my ratting them out. Maybe I'll soon be sleeping with the fishes. Maybe its curtains for me, curtains for me I say. Or Maybe they're simply inconsiderate individuals. Regardless, their viewpoints or assumptions remain reflections of their own realities. Have at it. But turn your noise down.

Are you mentally divergent too, friend?

Day off from canyoning today. So I went canyoning. No pictures, as that would only incite envy, a deadly sin.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

On Nothing

Quickly: Here is a view from the other entrance to my house. Exciting, huh?!? The Brazilians living upstairs were apparently (I slept, Eric was questioned by the po-po) escorted from their flat (one even in handcuffs) for selling that evilest of drugs, marijuana. That comma before marijuana shows that its superiority in evilness should be tacit to all. So now we are faced with lingering moral questions:

This event should end the constant boom-boom bass above my peaceful home and Eminem may finally get his deserved reprieve from having his horrible music be blasted incessantly for people to become upset to their stomachs from and to generally pity an individual that is responsible for making such noise. Eminem could likely be placed on the same level as the man that invented not just CFCs for aerosol cans, but Tetraethyl lead for an anti-knock agent in cars. Get it?

But this is at the expense of having people go to jail. At least they are not Americans, but rather a lesser people. I'm kidding. I've been reading Vonnegut. I'm not kidding.


I intended to take some time today to explain the synchronicity of what has been occurring in the nine year cycle that concludes today, January 9th. However, now that it has arrived, I find that I'm not prepared to discuss this openly with all of those unknowingly swimming together in the ether. I'm also finding not enough time to talk about my alternative topic. So read the post again from the beginning and enjoy it this time.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Binary Thought

A post of more time and consideration will show up in 2 or 3 days. Think of Laura's birthday dilemma.

Rather today:

Back at work for the most part. My precious fluid has returned but not in as uncomfortable of quantities. I'm keeping it this time. I'm going to be selfish. I try not to think what the doctor did (or is doing) with my fluids. Oint-Ment.

I believe in a grayscale for most aspects of life. I am not the computer from the GI Joe spoofs. Not zeros and ones, no on and off switches. But then maybe some things are binary. Either you've forgiven someone for something or you haven't; Either you've made a decision or you haven't. It seems that on a personal level, choice is binary. I suppose this would eventually lead to a discussion on freedom and projecting one's views on others. I believe that I'll avoid this...

Until two (or three) days from now, peace.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

So this is the New Year

-Insert rest of lyrics here-

Out with the Old, In with the New

Got in the water yesterday to have a feel around about going back to work. There's a splendid gash on my wetsuit (guess where). The challenge at this point seems more psychological than anything else. There exists a hesitancy to use the leg, as well as an expectation of pain when there actually is none. I feel like Goose just died. Gotta throw away the tags...

Otherwise it's also time to get back on the other horses that have bucked me off at some point. You know, picking yourself up, brushing off the knees, forgiving the self and others, etc.