Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Leaving the Eye of the Storm

Life's rule of thumb:

When you figure out what something is, it isn't
And, when you have no idea, you have learned.
When you find direction, you are moving away.
And, when you find yourself getting lost, you are coming closer to finding yourself.

Stop. Breath slowly and deeply. Look inside and become part of everything around you. All flows through you, and through all things you will flow.

You are already there.

-Jeremy Vann

NZ&UT, Like Peanuts and Bubble Gum

Maybe you're looking for clarification. Maybe you're seeking insight into the topography of the current mental landscape. Maybe you want to know how I feel about the weather forecast for all of us floating here together in the ether.

In a little over 4 weeks I've almost gotten used to the size of quarters. Wal-Mart has Trac-Ball. That's something to embrace. We are now taking suggestions for the TB League. No immunization necessary.

But maybe you want enlightened offerings from the inherent perspective gleaned from living somewhere else and then returning and driving across the country. Well, finding a great (Mini) bar to enjoy Palm at is hard here; however, Eggs Bendict is good anywhere, I'll tell you that right now.

People get too involved with time. Making time, saving time, driving time... And there are so many obstacles that can get in your way. Other drivers or traffic lights, for instance. Maybe we could all just relax a little bit. Listen to Classical Gas on repeat. Wait. Scratch that last bit. That would lead to an increase in road rage.

Home is where you want it to be, e.g., a department store, canyon or truck. Where do you sleep best at night? In BB&B sheets? That's home to you then. The nice thing about that home is that you can have a deep fat fryer for breaded frozen cookie dough.

So go out and create your own reality. The loose ends will get sorted along the way. Get yourself sorted. Let those that you wish to have join you in on it know and have a blast. Goose Sponge-Bob if you want to. He's worked hard for that figure.

Enter N/S Cackalack

First of all, everyone needs to beware of the 'stache.

Seriously. Too much power.

Apparently no canyons around so it was time to assimilate into the BORG hanging around the Cacalacks' border for the Coca-Cola 600. I LOVE NASCAR.

"One must live the way one thinks, or end up thinking the way one has lived."
- Paul Borget

"The trouble with resisting temptation is that you may not get another chance." - Edwin Chapin

Monday, May 22, 2006

Act 2

Like the Popcorn. Extra butter flavor please.

Pics of UT eventually. I live out of my truck.

Now a certified ACA Canyon Guide. No employment, but at least I have a vocation. It makes me look quasi-responsible. I live out of my truck.

Fire me up!