Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So a small technical canyon ten minutes from home...

See you in West Virginia.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My good bud Chris got married at the end of last month. The wedding was lovely, with the ensuing debauchery and lack of sleep, dizzying. yay.

Bar in the background, smoke, or...

...go listen to your favorite music.

In other news, the Dam Road remains closed, pending more meetings between Summit County and Denver Water. Protests continue; with A-Basin closed for the season, ski bums have a new place to grill out in the evening, with the added benefit of the ease of making witty placards or t-shirts with only a primary level education.

The boobs from the previous post have been removed and replaced with those seen on the right. The former were sighted; awards will be presented when someone arrives to claim them. That is all.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Giant 200th Post Hodgepodge Celebration!

(or: loquaciousness and wishing again for its absence)

Here we are, sitting enjoying the back porch on a Summer afternoon. We're watching terrible golfers as they complain of hitting the ball too far in this thin air. We are wishing that we had an air horn. Being Saturday, we are celebrating tourons that wonder at what nursery they can buy all these beautiful red evergreens.

and here, Victorian era dogs that are depressingly hilarious.

In keeping with the dog theme, 3 cheers for the deaf Zen-master practicing enlightenment through double-rear-legged air thumping.

And to Eastern Montana, whose bars are all casinos, offering at least five different types of French fries, as well as appetizers with names like chicken shits.

Rock structures. I remain fascinated by the geologic formations from ancient lakes and riverbeds that used to permeate the Northern MidWest. Some deposits being stronger to natural weathering processes, etc. "The rock structures, are still forming, today." Oh wait a minute, it was during the second day. That's when they were made. Practice sand castles before God dipped his fingers in Southern Utah. All apologies to those offended.

Moving on...

Yes, they're still paying me to hang on these things. Riding around the tower is a great time to gain perspective and contemplate about the ecological hypocrisies and the successful marketing of 'green consumerism.'

[Cynical rant deleted by editor]

Thursday, July 17, 2008