Friday, July 17, 2009

India-Venster -> Union Ravine

Tried another route on Table Mountain, this one involving a traverse on the face.

First a scramble up India-Venster, the main approach for climbing routes on the mountain. The route goes directly under the cable way. Every 10 minutes, a can carrying another group of tourists to the top. They all seemed so excited to see people walking on the mountain below them.

Then a traverse with some climbing and sneaking behind rock walls. When coming out from behind them, you get some great views of the city and some nice vertical exposure.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Time to get the hours straight. I'm actually sleeping through most of the night, and my appetite shows up at appropriate times.

3 weeks and a day ago, I left Colorado. I headed East, stopping at a good friend's in Illinois to see his cliff, dropped to Charlotte to see another friend off on on his honeymoon, headed North to Delware, loaded up on furniture and a bed to take to my brother in Connecticut, drove back through Pennsylvania to see a friend's first child, and arrived back in Delaware to pack.

8 days ago, with nothing left to do, I made a novel trip to swim in the warm side of the Atlantic before boarding a plane the following day.

D.C. down to Atlanta, then somehow got First Class to Cape Town.

Sarah and I had Sunday to relax and headed out for a drink to look back at the city that's now my home.

With Sarah back to work on Monday, I had a day to play guitar and accomplished little else. On Tuesday, Sarah, ever trusting, let me loose on the streets, so I hiked up Table Mountain via Skeleton Gorge from Kirstenbosch, the botanical gardens. I made it to the highest point on the mountain; however, I feel it is somewhat contrived.

I had enough time to hike up Lion's Head yesterday to have another view of the city as the clouds started rolling over Table Mountain.

By the time I was back at the car, Lion's Head was also covered. We moved all Sarah's furniture to her mom's, who I met for the first time while carrying a bookshelf in the rain. A second load completed the evening, and here's to hoping we can finally relax.

Upcoming in the next week is hopefully surfing, climbing, unmentionable sport, and job hunting/interview scheduling. Ok then. I suppose many subjects require individual posts. I suppose I have time. I suppose this post has been far too straight forward, and does not fit this blog thematically.