Sunday, September 30, 2012

Semantics: Revisit

I don't often write directly what's on my mind. Nor am I understood properly when I do.

I don't believe I'll attempt to start now.

 Someone recently asked me about regret, i.e., did I regret anything. I told the truth and lied and said yes.

 Before: A non-existent idea or a capitulation towards a passive rather than a proactive approach to life.

 Now: : Given the chance, one might make a different decision. This idea is complicated by the clarity of hindsight.

 Redundant thought: Had you acted differently, you wouldn't have known to act differently. Knowing what you now know might suggest that you 'should' have acted differently.

 So, really, there's no more space between the definitions than there is what defines the end and beginning of the space between two objects, two individuals, two ideas.

 It's like having an argument over whether someone can truly empathize with another.

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